About Lara Kroeker

Lara Kroeker is an accomplished performing violin player and singer and is embarking on a unique solo project. Lara Kroeker is embracing the electronic age while re-inventing her traditional classical and folk roots. She builds foundations of familiar and discovers new sounds by looping violin and vocals to build song structures. The results are sounds of lush orchestral madness. She recently took an electronic music course with Rae Spoon who helped her define some of her new sound.

Lara has played and toured across Canada and The US with indie groups Attics and Cellars, Sparrow (North America 2007), The Beauticians (Folk Festivals), The Insomniacs, The Mudlarks. She played with K-OS backup on the George Strombolopolis show, played festival stages with the legendary Odetta, performed on Canada Live on CBC Radio 2 with Attics and Cellars and in the Vancouver Philharmonic.

Lara has started writing a new solo album using just her voice, violin and RC300.

She also hosts a bi-monthly live concert series called the "Eastside Music Series". This started from a recording party where musicians would come from different communities, genres, ages and backgrounds and record a few songs in one take with CBC Engineer Derek Bird. The recording was a gift to each other and had no other purpose. It has evolved into a night of live music that hosts many of these same musicians.

Hootstock (100 Mile House) July 25-26-27 2014



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